Mesh Particles tutorial – announcement

The next tutorial in my shuriken series will be focusing on the mesh component of the shuriken particle systems and will walk through how you can use static mesh objects instead of billboards to achieve unique effects. Once this has concluded I will start on a new seires of tutorials that will hopefully be a comprehensive tutorial on UDK’s Kismet system. I have worked with Kismet for years now and its potential for prototyping and game development has made it one of my favorite tools. These tutorials will soon be available here:


Texture Sheet Animation Tutorial

After a long break I have updated the tutorial section with a new Shuriken tutorial. The particle Sheet animation is a useful tab for creating great looking particles without being too expensive. I touch on it in a short tutorial available here:

Drip Effect tutorial is Online

The tutorial for the dripping and puddle effect is now online at the tutorial section of my portfolio site at

Next tutorial will be on an explosion particle like if a grenade or bomb went off. In this one I will be detailing the use of spritesheets and using Shurikens  Texture Sheet Animation node to create a good looking explosion cheaply. In the future I may publish a tutorial on how to make your own spritesheets for this purpose.

New tutorial – Drip Effect

While studying the Shuriken particle system I have come across numerous cool effects that can be created using particles that are nice and cheap, at least relatively compared to other methods of achieving the effect, bloom and glow for example. My next tutorial will go over the dripping effect which I demonstrated in my recent particles showcase with the goo/acid projectile and impact. It will cover particle uses of the sub emitter and collision node as well which I haven’t really touched on in previous tutorials. The effect can be used for a number of different events like when goo or slime balls are being used as projectiles and also as blood splatter effects where you dont have to leave a decal where the blood lands.

The video containing the drop effects can be found below.

Fire Particle tutorial is live

After too long, the shuriken fire particle tutorial is live at my portfolio website at In addition to the Fire and smoke particle tutorial Ive included a bonus tutorial that can be relevant to both this fire particle and in other particle systems to create a cheap and good looking glow without the use of post processing bloom.

Fire particle tutorial delay

After a few weeks of sickness and then no internet the fire particle tutorial has been delayed quite a bit. Originally planned to be a video tutorial, my voice hasn’t been in recordable condition and is still recovering so the fire particle tute shall be changed to a text based tutorial like the Shuriken overview. It will be available later this week on my portfolio page.

Tank game particle showcase

Most of my reasearch for this project has been dedicated to creating good effects for my current group project ‘Tanks for Nothing’.

Features only a handful of particle systems that are going to be used for the weapons, including flamethrower effects, tesla coil arcs and acid blobs and drips.